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Channel overview

KiKA (formally Der KinderKAnal von ARD und ZDF [The Children’s Channel of ARD and ZDF]) is a German free-to-air television channel based in Erfurt, Germany.

It is managed by a joint venture by public-service broadcasters[1] ARD and ZDF. Its intended audience is children and the youth, and it is generally watched by children 3 to 13.

The channel also repeats shows, such as Tabaluga tivi from ZDF’s main service.


Kika [ˈkiːkaː] (Eigenschreibweise KiKA, zuvor KI.KA) ist ein öffentlich-rechtlicher Fernsehkanal von ARD und ZDF für Kinder und Jugendliche.

To return to the channel, type the name of the channel via Google search, for example: KiKA TV multies

Channel Sources
KiKA TV Website

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