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Channel overview

OTV began broadcasting on 20 July 2007[1] on the Arabsat satellite, on the 11823 MHz frequency, but launched officially in 2008 after a testing period of almost six months. OTV now covers the world through different broadcasting channels for European Union, Canada, United States, Australia, and the Arab World.

In addition, www.otv.com.lb offers live-streaming coverage on the internet. The OTV main news bulletin is also broadcast on Sawt Al Mada Radio (92.5 & 92.7 MHz).

OTV targets all Lebanese in particular and Arabs in general. Creates an interactive link between the Lebanese residents in Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora throughout the world. OTV is one of the first TV stations in the region to adopt a strong social Media presence, its Facebook Page was founded on April 12, 2008. OTV also has a large following on YouTube and Twitter.

Live Streaming is available in the Mobile App on Both Android and iOS.

To return to the channel, type the name of the channel via Google search, for example: OTV Lebanon multies

Channel Sources
OTV WebsiteFacebookX TwitterYoutubeLinkedinInstagram

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