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Channel overview

Al-Quds Today Channel is a satellite channel that is based on the slogan “We are from you and to you” and is committed to it. He seeks to be an additional and qualitative personality for the Palestinian media.

Our mission is to spread awareness of the importance of the Jerusalem issue. In order to achieve a Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international public gathering that will pave the way for the liberation of the city from its captivity.

We at Al-Quds Today Channel aim to advance the reality of the Palestinian media, and to be a source from which all media professionals, researchers, opinion-makers, and citizens in general draw inspiration. By following the event moment by moment and providing everything new and useful.

Al-Quds Channel comes today at a decisive political moment in the history of our Palestinian people, rising to the scale of the challenge and the level of responsibility in providing media committed to Islamic, national, national and humanitarian issues, most notably the Palestine issue. Palestine issue. People, land, sanctities, history, present and future, within the framework of objective journalistic professionalism.

Al-Quds Today channel contains various religious, cultural, intellectual and aesthetic news sections, and aims to address the Palestinian and Arab mind in the language of reason and build bridges of dialogue and knowledge, a unified discourse that directs everyone towards Jerusalem. The compass of Palestine and Jerusalem, within a framework that unites us with the entire world and does not divide us.

Al-Quds Today Channel stands with the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian person, addresses him verbally, and derives from his gift the vocabulary and issues that express it, because it was created for his issues and concerns, and seeks to be his mirror to look at himself, and to serve as a window through which he sees the world around him; In short, it is the voice and image of the Palestinian person for himself and for the whole world.

To return to the channel, type the name of the channel via Google search, for example: Alquds Today multies

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