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Channel overview

On October 6, she set off to join the Syrian Radio Group. She kept up with the concerns and issues of citizens, and became a voice of hope when it was broadcast on satellite channels on October 5, 2015.

Due to her belief that the media is a responsibility, her presence appeared in various fields.

The radio’s little daughter grew up, and hope grew with her.. Soriana did not search for light, but rather she was light through the important topics and clear facts she presented, and she was able to speak to the minds, the minds to the feelings of the masses, and to connect the East with the West through her network of correspondents.

After Syriana’s broadcast was limited to a part of Damascus and its countryside, it began broadcasting via satellite on 5/10/2015, joining the group of (Slide Show) channels, and from here its audience became much wider, and this placed upon us a greater responsibility, as the listener no longer Limited to regions. mentioned, but now anyone in the world can follow us via satellite, and we have become present on all social media sites.

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