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Shabab FM

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Channel overview

Shabab FM…an independent Palestinian radio broadcasting from the heart of the city of Nablus on wave 101.4. It seeks to build media content that is far from stereotypes, achieves professionalism and objectivity, takes into account society’s culture, and embraces the issues of all segments of society through information and news. Shabab FM focuses on the youth category in creating content and interacting with content.

Our vision for the idea of “Shabab FM” radio stems from the conviction to adopt organized and thoughtful strategies through which goals and objectives are determined towards the segment of society in general, including the youth segment around which the future of society revolves, and given the importance of the media in societal work, and the necessity of reconciling freedom Journalism and social responsibility, and emphasizing the press’s commitment to recognized professional values; Such as accuracy, objectivity, honesty, and consideration of community culture and beliefs, in addition to performing tasks related to meeting community needs. We are happy to provide you with an overview of the radio.

Shabab FM Radio, affiliated with Panorama Television, Press and Media Company, is completely independent, does not follow any political or partisan orientation, and has no source of funding other than advertisements, propaganda and media production as a permanent operational source. This does not prevent her from performing her public role as an integral part of the professional role in promoting… lofty societal values, and awareness of duties and rights; And enhancing the values of integrity, transparency, and respect for local identity, in addition to enhancing the concept of citizenship and freedom of expression.

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