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Channel overview

The Palestinian Radio and Television Corporation is a public national institution that constitutes an essential and important part of the general national structure of Palestinian society, on the path to achieving its basic rights to liberation, independence, and establishing its state. An independent state on the homeland.

The legitimacy of establishing the Authority as Palestinian was stated in Resolution No. (4566) issued on 6/7/1993 by the late President Yasser Arafat. The legitimacy of the Palestinian right to own two radio and television broadcasting stations was also mentioned in one of the provisions of the “Declaration of Principles” agreement signed between the “Palestine Liberation Organization” and the Israeli government, on September 13, 1993, thus stressing the importance of establishing the authority. To play its important role in building stability and just and comprehensive peace.

The desired goals are to support the peace process, fulfill the national rights of the Palestinian people, and enhance stability in the Middle East region. This requires the contribution of the Palestinian Radio and Television Corporation to highlighting the national and unified identity of the Palestinian people, enhancing their freedom and independence, and assuming their material and spiritual status in the region and in the world in general.

In implementing its public services, the Authority relies on democracy, intellectual openness, pluralism, and the depth of the heritage and authentic civilization of the Palestinian people.

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