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Channel overview

LTV is a private Arab satellite television channel, launched from the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in May 2018.

It broadcasts in Arabic on the Nilesat satellite, frequency (12360 V – 11373 H), and is available for free and in high-definition quality, in addition to being available on social media.

And digital platforms and IPTV to meet the desires of its viewers around the world…

LTV offers its viewers a bouquet of Arabic drama series, and Syrian drama in particular, in its various categories throughout the day, in addition to entertainment breaks and enjoyable artistic programs that are produced locally.

LTV channel provides specialized content that addresses various aspects of life and is concerned with the social aspect of the Arab family.

LTV currently has the highest ratings. Viewing rate in Syria despite its young age. It was also honored by Google for the high participation rate achieved by the TV page on YouTube.

LTV constantly seeks to diversify and develop in order to always provide the best and maintain its distinguished position among viewers.

To return to the channel, type the name of the channel via Google search, for example: LTV multies

Channel Sources
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