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Channel overview

Sham FM, a private Syrian radio station, was established in 2007 in Damascus, and broadcasts to most Syrian regions.

The radio is concerned with news, in addition to presenting various programs, broadcasting songs and brief bulletins.

The radio has correspondents in most Syrian cities and regions, who provide it with minute-by-minute news.

Over the past years, the radio excelled in broadcasting Fayrouz and Al-Rahabna songs, to the point that it became called Fayrouz Radio in addition to its original name.

In addition to its audio broadcast, Sham FM owns a television radio platform, and various social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, in addition to a news service via text messages.

The radio employs a specialized editorial team, in addition to a large technical team that supports it and provides it with all technical services in order to provide the best content, sound, and performance to listeners and viewers alike.

To return to the channel, type the name of the channel via Google search, for example: Sham FM multies

Channel Sources
Sham FM WebsiteFacebookInstagramYoutube

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